Spectrapure 5 Stage Chloramine Removal 90-GPD RO/DI System

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SpectraPure 90gpd Chloramine Removal 5-Stage RO/DI System is configured for use in areas with high chlorine / chloramine levels. This system incorporates 3-Stages of Pre-Filtration starting with a 0.5 micron MicroTec Sediment Filter and followed by (2) Pentek ChlorPlus Carbon Block Filters, a SpectraPure high-silicate removal TFC membrane, and finally a high-capacity SilicaBuster SuperDI 10 inch DI cartridge. The triple-probe TDS Meter monitors RO membrane feed, RO membrane product, and DI water, so you can be always be assured of Zero-TDS water. Ultra-high purity and long membrane life – despite harsh feed water conditions, this system maximizes pure water production through application of laboratory grade resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges.
* 3-Stage Pre-Filter Specially Configured for High-Chlorine/Chloramine locales
* 3-Probe TDS Meter ... Monitors Membrane Feed, RO, & DI Product Waters
* 0.5um MicroTec Sediment Cartridge, (2) Pentek ChlorPlus Carbon Block Cartridges
* 90-GPD RO Stage w/ SpectraPure Standard Batch-Tested TFC RO Membrane
* High-Capacity SpectraPure SilicaBusterTM SuperDI De-Ionization Stage
* Pressure Gauge Monitors Membrane Feed Pressure & Pre-Filter Status
* Sturdy High-Quality Powder Coated Metal Bracket
* Includes Tubing, Garden Hose Adapter, & Filter Wrench