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Appearance design of P series is simple and stylish and suitable for different home decoration styles. Display tank is made by ultra-white glass. The sump system has multiple silence design to allow the aquarium to operate at a significantly lower noise level. It has two safeties to prevent overflowing. Cabinet is made of high-strength PVC, covered with acrylic and support by alloy frame. It has strong bearing capacity, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant. Acrylic panels offer long-lasting color, unparalleled brightness, excellent surface hardness. During maintenance just wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

Additional Features:

1. Detachable surface skimmer is easy for cleaning.
2. Backup lower water pipe and water lever stable glass can prevent water overflow.
3. Silence regulating gate valve can adjust water flow accurately.
4. Adjustable algae chamber.
5. Small filter chamber between algae and upper water chamber can reduce bubbles.
6. Standard RO reservoir tank and ball float can replenish RO water automatically.
7. Probe support can hold PH, ORP, temperature, etc.
8. Assembled cabinet is made by PVC, covered with acrylic and support by alloy frame.