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The Neptunian Cube M-Series Range is Designed Specifically with the Ultimate High End 'Best of the Best" Aquarium Tank and Cabinet Set in mind. Featuring the Highest Clarity "Opti-White" Glass offering the clearest and brigest visual effects for unparelelled Quality and Visual Clarity. Complimented with Clear Silicon, Beveled and Diamond Polished Edges, it's hard pressed to find an Aquarium Tank of this calibre. The most fistidious Planted Aquarium & Reef Aquarist will be most impressed with the Neptunian Cube M-Series.

Opti-White Glass is High light Transmittance for True Colour and Outstanding Visual Clarity offerign an Unrestricted View. Purity of Colour ensuring True Representation and a more Natural, Brighter View. 

The Aluminum Frame Neptunain Cube Cabinet comes flat packed. Easy Super fast Assembly, simply level Cabinet prior to filling the tank with water and you're ready to go. Available in Black or White, this High Gloss Finish Cabinet is suiting High End Furnishing and Room Design. 

Complete with Custom Sump with adjustable partitions, 4" Filter Sock integration, float value, media chamber, all hard plumbing with Union Joints, directional adjustable outlet nozzles, Black Glass weir with cover and strainer. Addiitonal chamber section for Refugium and ATO Resevoir. 

This system operates Near Silent via the uniquely designed weir and dual outlet system with an additional degassing chamber in the sump, for whisper quiet operation via the tuning outlet valve.

Additional Features:

1. Detachable surface skimmer is easy for cleaning.
2. Backup lower water pipe and water lever stable glass can prevent water overflow.
3. Silence regulating gate valve can adjust water flow accurately.
4. Adjustable algae chamber.
5. Small filter chamber between algae and upper water chamber can reduce bubbles.
6. Standard RO reservoir tank and ball float can replenish RO water automatically.
7. Probe support can hold PH, ORP, temperature, etc.
8. Assembled cabinet is made by PVC, covered with acrylic and support by alloy frame.