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Complete Turn Key Shallow Aquarium System including:

Opti-White Glass for Brilliant Optics and tranparency!!

High Gloss Waterproof "PVC" Cabinet - WIll not swell with water.

Cabinet is Super Light and Comes Completely Assembled - Approx 15mins from Create to Water Ready!!

Control Box with Temp Senor, LED Cabinet Lighting and Ventilation Fan

Available in Black or White

Built in Wier with Dual Outlet Pipes

Filter Sock Holders (Sock Included)

Dosing Pump Connections and Inlets

ATO Float Valve Included

Integrated PVC Sump with Adjustable Baffles and Compartment Covers

All Hard Plumbing Cut to Size Included with Union Joints

All Accessories including Skimmer, Reactors, etc Sold Separately. 

Available in 90, 120, and 150cm


  • DC-Return Pump
  • ATO Reservoir
  • Refugium Light
  • 3 Dosing Containers
  • Temperature Control 
  • Atmosphere Light 
  • Net Cover
  • Fans

Additional Features:

1. Ultra-thin surface skimmer and backup surface skimmer are space saving.
2. Silence regulating gate valve can adjust water flow accurately.
3. Partition between algae and upper water chamber is adjustable.
4. Ball float can replenish RO water automatically.
5. Probe support can hold PH, ORP, temperature, etc.
6. Standard dosing pipes can connect with titration system.
7. Partition between protein skimmer and algae chamber is adjustable.
8. Cabinet is made by PVC, covered with acrylic.