Bubble Magus BM-T12 Dosing Secondary Slave Pump

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Automatically micro-computer control
Alarm sound when unit is error
Interactive interface parameter settings
Can manage up to 11 channel of expansion function
Long-Lasting Germany made pharmacy recommend dosing tube
Size : 10" x 5.75" x 2.75"
Accuary +- 5%
Voltage :AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.36A DC12V 1A (US Pin) ( NO POWER SUPPLY WITH T12 )
3M Dosing Tube included
Flow :1 – 1999ML
Cycle : Max :24 cycle per day

What makes the BM-T11 and BM-T12 different?

  • Stylish new body form and Color
  • Tighter built seams to resist moisture exposure on internal circuits
  • Medical grade tubing made in Germany, last longer
  • Alarms for pump malfunctioning, will alarm when there is issue with motor, tubing and board.