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AquaIllumination Nero Submersible Pump
AquaIllumination Nero Submersible Pump
AquaIllumination Nero Submersible Pump
AquaIllumination Nero Submersible Pump

AquaIllumination Nero Submersible Pump

Aqua Illumination


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Nero 3 Submersible Pump

Nero 3 Submersible Pump is a top of the line submersible wave pump designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The unit boasts a unique propeller system with a broad flow that is strong enough to provide necessary movement to push around detritus, food and organic waste into the filters, yet gentle enough to not harm sensitive coral species. As well, to keep the inhabitants of your tank safe, the unit comes with a durable fish guard to ensure small or curious fish do not enter into the pump propeller. The flow output can be easily adjusted with a range of movement up to 15°, providing aquarists with maximum user control. This flow output is a convenient magnetic mount and uses two magnets that couple together between 1/2" of glass or less. The virtually silent pump has a futuristic, compact design, making it ideal for nano aquariums and to keep the focus on the inhabitants inside the tank, not the equipment around it.

The Nero 3 is all about advanced functionality. The bluetooth compatible pump combines intelligent features with powerful function, and can be accurately controlled right from your smartphone device. With access to the control interface, the MyAi App, aquarium owners can create intensive, customized daily schedules with various modes, speeds, intensities and patterns as well as turning the device on and off. There are five flow modes to choose from: random, pulse, constant, schedule and feed, all of which have unique, specific functions ranging from high energy reef environments to mimicking low flow wave patterns of tidal lagoons. Provides a maximum flow rate of 2000 GPH and consumes 20 watts of power.

In The Box:

  • Nero 3 Pump
  • Nero 3 Controller
  • Nero 3 Fish Guard
  • Magnetic Mounting System
  • Power Supply
  • User Guide

 Quick Overview

  • Professional grade submersible wave pump
  • Bluetooth compatible; controlled via smartphone
  • Variety of modes, speeds, patterns and settings
  • Boasts a 15° range of motion
  • Sleek, compact construction

Nero 5 Submersible Wave Pump - 3000 gph

The Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Submersible Wave Pump is an exceptionally small, strong, and smart pump. The Nero 5 includes built-in Bluetooth control, allowing you to easily connect the pump to the myAI app on any iOS or Android device. Linking the Nero 5 to your myAI app allows you to easily create pump schedules, control and monitor multiple pumps, or switch to manual control to enter feeding mode. Even if you don't have a smart device, the Nero 5 also features an integrated controller for any simple speed adjustments.

At only 2.8" wide, the Nero 5 packs a serious punch for its size. Operating at up to 3000 gallons per hour of flow, the Nero 5 is sure to keep your aquarium water clean and your corals happy and healthy. Choose from 3 pump modes, with constant speed at the intensity of your choice, pulse mode with uniform highs and lows, and a random setting to simulate a high-energy reef environment. The Nero 5 may also be easily directed, with a wide range of movement in all directions so that you may point the flow where your tank most needs it. Powerful mounting magnets keep the Nero 5 firmly attached to aquariums with a glass thickness of up to 0.5" (13 mm).


In the box:

  • AI Nero 5 Submersible Wave Pump with Integrated Driver
  • Mounting Magnets
  • Power Adapter with Universal Plug Adapter Set
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mounting Hardware


Quick Overview

  • Powerful 3,000 gallons per hour adjustable flow
  • Exceptionally small at less than 3 inches wide
  • Choose from three unique flow modes as needed
  • Bluetooth enabled out of the box for easy setup
  • Connects to the myAI app for easy 24hr scheduling