AquaIllumination HMS Single Arm Kit

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Includes everything you need to beautifully mount your Hydra TwentySix or Hydra FiftyTwo LED light (not included) above your aquarium. This method allows you to slide your light forward and backward, upward and downward, followed by a twisting action, enabling you to adjust lighting exactly to your desire. The maximum height raises a maximum of 13 inches tall. The sleek design of this mount will give your set-up an elegant and modern look without taking up too much space above your tank, as its reach is 14.3 inches long. The HMS Single Arm kit will fit onto any aquarium 10 gallons and up with 1.125 inch maximum tank thickness, and accommodates one light at a time per kit. Spoil yourself with high-quality design for your high-quality aquatic environment.

1x Hydra FiftyTwo Bracket
1x Hydra TwentySix Bracket
1x Pivoting Bracket
2x Mounting Clamps
2x 15 Rails