AI Prime 16HD Reef Aquarium LED

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The AI Prime 16HD is the new and improved version of AquaIllumination’s wildly popular LED spotlight fro small spaces and nano reef aquarium applications. Not only is the AI Prime 16HD getting a major refresh, but it is almost developing into its product line with four spectrums to choose from.

Several years ago when it seemed like the AI Prime was almost a ‘perfect’ single cluster nano LED spotlight AquaIllumination went and made it even better with the HyperDrive feature. We couldn’t have suggested any tangible improvements to the AI Primes currently available on the market but AquaIllumination went and raised the bar more than a little bit with their new LED package that includes more colors, better lenses and even a moonlight channel for the AI Prime 16HD Reef version. 

AquaIllumination’s refresh to the AI Prime 16HD includes a number of great improvements that are also part of the unannounced Hydra 32 & Hydra 64 we also wrote about today. What started out as essentially a single cluster borrowed from AI’s Hydra line of LEDs has developed into the LED spotlight for a myriad of uses. 

Like its larger brothers the AI Prime 16HD Reef will benefit from more numerous and more closely spaced LEDs in its single cluster, as well as additional LED color control channels. The most notable of these changes is that interesting warm white colored single moonlight for faithful reproduction of lunar cycles.