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Aquariums Limited Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a Neptunian Cube Aquarium System.

Neptunian Cube warrants the Product against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for 36 months from your date of purchase. The warranty provided by Neptunian Cube is NOT TRANSFERABLE AND IS LIMITED TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER. The warranty includes the following Display Tank, Sump and Cabinet’s. If the Product is eligible under this warranty, Neptunian Cube will either repair the Product free of charge (not including shipping costs) with new parts or replace the Product with a new Product at PureOcean Inc. sole discretion.

This warranty DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear, or items that have a limited natural life or are consumable, such as, but not limited to electronics, sponges, filter socks, and rubber seals, hinges or/and any accessories, defects resulting from use outside the normal, and/or natural disasters, accidents, neglect, improper installation, or failure to use or assemble the Product in accordance with any  instructions provided (in the Product manual or otherwise) Additionally, any modification will invalidate this warranty.

Proof of purchase will be required before warranty performance is rendered.

In no event shall PureOcean Inc. Be liable for any loss or damage to aquatic life, and/or damage to other property and/or individuals resulting from the use of the Product or arising out of any breach of this warranty. The express warranties made in this warranty are exclusive and may not be altered, enlarged, or changed by any distributor, dealer, or other person, whatsoever.

Our warranty will not cover failures which result from abuse, neglect, customization's, improper installations, alterations or modifications.